A bit about us.

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We ensure we give you (and your staff) the red carpet experience when it comes to your fruit for work delivery, no matter what your requirements you can be sure we will do our best to arrange the most appropriate solution for you. We are the best value office fruit delivery by delivering quality fruit topped with passionate customer service.

Our office fruit has two major benefits:

  1. Better for you and your staff : Fresh produce meaning a minimal amount of nutrients will be lost before it is delivered to your workplace. Your staff can have more energy and feel better with our Fruit at work.
  2. Increase Productivity and Energy Levels : By introducing a Fruit Amigos Office Fruit Box into the workplace you can significantly increase productivity and energy levels amongst employees, which assists with generating new ideas and thinking outside-the-box when it comes to solving problems that your business might face, their well-being will truly pay itself off!

We started with the primary goal to Revolutionise the way offices snack and to say goodbye to office junk food and introduce fruit in the workplace as a norm. We are on our way to making a difference, one fruit at a time.

We are Melbourne’s Office Fruit Box Supplier, offering a fresh Fruit delivery to your office with no delivery fees.

So now you know what were all about, why not follow us on twitter @FruitAmigos for our latest news.

Always be fruitful,

The Team at The Fruit Amigos

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