The Guide to Workplace Wellness.

Ask yourself: Does your business have a Health at the Workplace Wellness Program?

A Fruit Amigos Box would be a great addition to your office. Providing staff fruit at work has many benefits like: increasing productivity, staff morale and overall well-being of your workplace. It’s one of Australia’s fastest growing office wellness initiative, be sure your business doesn’t lose out.

“Workplace fruit assists with keeping staff happy and showing possible future employees that you care about their health in your workplace.”

WorkHealth Victoria list’s providing fruit boxes at work as one of the contributing factors of Health Programs for a safe and productive workplace.

In the ‘Workplace Wellness‘ paper published by medibank solutions and Price Waterhouse Coopers discusses the importance of your staffs health and overall wellness of workplaces Australia-wide. It again discusses Workplace Fruit as a key contributing factor for providing health solutions at the workplace to assist your staff with curbing the adverse health effects of unhealthy eating.

The paper discusses how providing your staff fruit while at work can be beneficial as a workplace wellness initiative, and it’s effect on ‘Human Capital’ which in simple terms is the way of improving overall productivity amongst workers and reducing workforce absenteeism, it also means attracting and retaining great talent in your workforce, a major concern for any business, in any industry.

“… nurturing employee health and wellness has a significant impact on productivity — which, as we all know, has a direct bearing on company profitability.
Dr. Rajiv Kumar, CEO ShapeUp, Harvard Business Review

Introducing Fruit into the workplace can be a really simple and smooth process, so long as the Office fruit supplier is reliable and has adequate quality checks. Fruit Amigos is one of those office fruit suppliers and can assist your organisation to introduce a convenient and effective weekly fruit delivery.

Once you have Contacted Fruit Amigos  we can discuss your workplace fruit requirements and how we as a office fruit delivery company can assist your workplace with implementing such workplace initiatives.

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