One box. So many benefits.

Benefits for your Company – workday performance and productivity

In the days of a high value placed on corporate responsibility, there is no better time for your business and your brand to introduce fruit into the Office.

Natural sugars in fruits means that your staff can benefit from sustained energy release with our fruit box. No more afternoon sugar crashes.

When your staff are healthy they have a lower risk of injury, lower absenteeism and a great resilience. Introducing fruit into the office can benefit everybody in your business from the Receptionist to the CEO.

By providing free fruit to your staff you show them that you value their position in the company and hence they can feel valued. Fruit can overall increase staff morale and the well-being of the workplace.


Benefits for Employees – health and motivation

 Nutritionists recommend that every body should enjoy 2 pieces of fruit a day to live a healthy lifestyle, with fruit in your workplace your staff can get their daily recommended intake. Meaning a healthier, happier workforce.

By having the option to reach out and grab a banana for an afternoon snack means that staff are less likely to eat something fattening and unhealthy from the vending machine or cafeteria.

Eating fruits can assist in Maintaining a healthy weight, lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. Fruits scientifically lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease.

wellbeing program for work Benefits of Fruit at Work

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For more information on the benefits of eating fruit please visit the Victorian Government intuitive : Better Health Channel
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